Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sister Maureen Joyce, 1943 - 2010

[Again, just to be clear: No, I'm not there. Just keeping Haiti in mind, as well as other places where tragedy has caused suffering that demands assistance and reminding.]

Sister Maureen Joyce, among other things the CEO of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany, died on May 21.

When I returned from an out-of-town trip last week, my wife told me she had some bad news. Some "very bad news," she said. And it was.

We knew Sister Maureen was ill. We knew the prognosis was not good. But the loss is hardly the lesser, or the easier to accept.

It was my good fortune to work with Sister Maureen in different capacities at Catholic Charities over the last two decades. Much has already been written about her devotion to the poor, the sick, the vulnerable, the hated, and anyone else who was suffering or otherwise needed help. And just as much has already been written about her leadership, skill, acumen, and strength in heading the 14 county, 100 site, 1,200 employee social service agency and, indeed, in everything she did. I won't try to add to that.

The editorial in the Albany Times Union and the story by Paul Grondahl express much of that much better than I can in a post on this blog. Those are well worth reading, if only for the inspiration that was this woman's life and work, and which will forever be her legacy.

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